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With more than 15 years experience dealing and managing Divorces in Malaysia, we offer this service to provide a clear guidance on how to best prepare your divorce.  As not all divorce cases are the same, you will need specific advice applicable to your circumstances.  We will explain the Divorce proceedings in Malaysia and how the law applies to your case.  We will also explain how you can best process your Divorce so that you don’t have to pay more that you need too.  Divorce proceeding is intimidating enough, but we will strive to clearly explain the Divorce proceeding (including the procedure, time involved and cost) to you. Contact Us. It’s Free – For a no obligation chat. Ask us and Save Money, Save Time, Save Stress. Information that you submit on this form will only be used to verify that you have a genuine business, and to conduct a preliminary conflict of interest check. We do not share your information with any other business or entity.

Case Assessment – Consultation


Firstly, we need to determine whether your Divorce falls under the Jurisdiction of Malaysia, namely where the parties are residing and where they are domiciled. All this will determine where the Divorce Petition can be filed.

Basis of the Petition

Careful consideration needs to be given to the basis on which the Divorce Petition is based. We need to determine whether or not the other party is cooperative with the Divorce Petition or may object to the Divorce Petition.

Divorce Process

We will explain the Divorce process from filing of the Divorce Petition to obtaining the Decree Absolute. You will understand how the Divorce proceeding works, what complication that may arise, how long will it take and how much.

Level of Service(s) required

We will explain to you which type of service(s) required.
It may be a simple straight forward Joint Divorce Petition whereby both parties to a marriage consent and agree to a divorce and to all the terms of a divorce.

Or it would be complex Divorce Petition involving allegation of adultery, spouse demanding unreasonable maintenance, maintenance to children, division of property, injunction etc.

It is important to get the correct level of service for your circumstances, otherwise the process may cost you more than it needs too.

We will explain the Divorce Process and how it applies to your case. We will also explain how you can best process your Divorce so that you don’t pay more that you need too. Save Money, Save Time, Save Stress.

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