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Payment for late delivery of houses must be calculated from date booking fee is paid

On 19.01.2021 the Federal Court decided in the case of PJD REGENCY SDN BHD v. TRIBUNAL TUNTUTAN PEMBELI RUMAH [2021] 2 CLJ 441 that the payment due from Housing Developers to Purchasers for late delivery of houses should be calculated from the date the booking fee is paid, and not the date the sales and purchase [...]

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What happens when parties in the marriage does not agree to the terms of the divorce? (What is a Contested Divorce/Single Divorce Petition?)

A single divorce petition is usually when an agreement cannot be mutually reached between the husband and wife. Either one of the parties disagrees to divorce or to the terms of the divorce such as, child custody, maintenance/alimony payable (either to spouse and/or children) and division of matrimonial properties. Under Section 106 of the Law [...]

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What happens when the Divorce Petition cannot be served to the Respondent/Husband who cannot be located or evading service?4

We recently had an enquiry whereby the Wife wants to start a Divorce Proceeding against her Husband. However, the Husband could not be located. A divorce starts with filing a divorce petition. Generally, the Divorce Petition must be served personally. However, if the Divorce Petition could not be served personally, the Divorce Petition could be [...]

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